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Thinking of moving? First time buyers? You need a Conveyancing Solicitor!

Updated: Apr 5

How Much Will Solicitors Charge Me When I Sell or Buy My House?

This is a perfectly valid question that all clients should ask when thinking about a possible house move whether that be a sale, a purchase or possibly both.

You also need to know all additional payments that will need to be paid to third parties such as Stamp Duty, Land Registry Fees and fees for Local, Drainage and Environmental searches.

Clearly you need and should insist that you receive a clear and precise calculation of fees to enable you to accurately budget.

What happens in practise?

It is sadly not uncommon for clients to report to us that (before contacting Rands Solicitors) they had previously spent an eternity of time on the telephone ringing around lawyers. Many report hanging on the phone for ages for their calls to be answered and then receiving confusing and conflicting costs information and legal jargon they did not fully understand. Many lawyers do not then follow up these verbal figures in writing. There must be a better way

What do Rands Solicitors Do Differently?

We want to see the end of the days of complex, confusing and time-consuming calculations. Clients should be able to immediately access clear and accurate costs information online. Rands Solicitors do not want there to be any surprises.

Our online conveyancing calculator, easily accessible on the home page of our website,  provides instant and accurate estimates for all your conveyancing costs including all Stamp Duty, Land Registry and Search fees.. No more guesswork—just clear, transparent figures to guide you through your property journey.

You can then click one button and we will immediately email a copy of the quotation to you.

For those who wish to speak to a human (rather than the computer) or maybe you wish some initial guidance just call us on 01724 786272 and we will supply the same instant quotation to you over the telephone with a promise to immediately email or post the quote to you.

Which Solicitor Would You Prefer to act on your behalf?

  1. One that does not supply accurate and clear costs information and does not confirm its costs in writing at the outset  or

  2.  Rands Solicitors, conveyancing solicitors who provides a high standard process with ease and perfection.

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 Contact our experts for further information

Robert Taylor:     Telephone 01724 786272

Megan Taylor:    Telephone 01724 786272


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