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Supporting the Community 

Here at Rands Solicitors, we love getting involved with the local community. We love meeting new people and creating that bond and memories with them. On this page, we want to show you what we've been doing, with who and just share our lovely community with you!

Here's some lovely words from our CEO, Susan Rands.

"Here at Rands Solicitors, we recognise how the community provides us with work, to ensure our business is sustainable and profitable. We therefore want to give back to the community. We do this by supporting groups and individuals, by making donations and promoting our business by sponsorships. We have made a number of donations locally, such as our local village school, and The Scunthorpe Male Voice Choir. We also donate to national charities, such as Children in need. We are currently sponsoring a tee at the Ashby Decoy Golf Club and also all the requirements for Ashby Mill Road Football Club.


We are delighted to be involved in such local community groups. We really do respond to our social and community welfare and responsibilities. If you have something, which you want us to be part of, why not give us a call or send an email!"

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