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Why You Should Make a Will: Protecting Your Family's Future

Creating a will is something that we often put off, but it's an essential part of planning for the future and making sure that our loved ones are taken care of after we're gone.

Here are some reasons why making a will is so important:

1.     Protecting Your Legacy:

2.     Choosing an Executor: 

3.     Taking Care of Your Dependents:

4.     Avoiding Confusion:

5.     Saving Money: 

6.     Minimizing Disputes:  

7.     Peace of Mind

Don't wait - start planning today by talking to Rands Solicitors.


          Basic Simple Will                Complex Simple Will

         £120 + VAT = £144.00        £160 + VAT = £192.00

         Basic Mirror Will                 Complex Mirror Will

        £200 + VAT = £240.00          £220 + VAT = £264.00

        Life Interest Mirror Will

        £300 + VAT = £360.00

(Single Basic Will and Single LPA)- £436.00

(Single Basic Will and Two LPAs) - £638.00

(Mirror Basic Wills and Two LPAs) - £824.00

(Mirror Basic Wills and Four LPAs) - £1,228.00

Fees are all inclusive of VAT and Office of Public Guardian registration fee.

New Year, New Offer!

•LPA = Lasting Powers of Attorney 

For further information or a no obligation chat please do not hesitate to call Rands Solicitors on 01724 786272    

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